Different Solutions From Shot Blasting Material Suppliers

shot blasting technique is used extensively in industrial applications to remove unwanted surface materials from metal and concrete surfaces. Different types of abrasive materials are supplied by the shot blasting material suppliers. Select the right material and technique based on your requirements. Some types of materials are suitable for metal while others work better for concrete. Selection of the abrasive media also depends on the types of contaminants you are trying to remove from the surface. Learn more about the best shot blasting material, equipment and technique so you can choose the right solutions for cleaning the surface of an iron item.

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A heavy-duty electric motor is used in this process to generate high level of kinetic abrasive energy. A turbine wheel rotates at high speed to convert the energy of its electric motor into kinetic energy. The wheel capacity can go up to 1200 kg/minute. The large amount of accelerated abrasive content generates sufficient abrasion force to remove rust, scale and other surface contents. It can also be used for sanding and burring. This machine is available in different designs and models for different applications. From table machines to fully integrated automatic manipulator machines, different models of wheelblasting equipment are available.

Air Blasting

The blasting material in this machine is pneumatically accelerated using compressed air. The abrasive material comes out at high speed from the nozzle. A mix of blasting media and water can be used if wet blasting is needed. Both wet and air blasting machines can be operated manually or automatically using appropriate equipment and setting. It all depends on the blasting requirements and the result needed. Both free and dry abrasive media solutions are used based on the surface cleaning requirement.

The Best Metal Surface Finishing System

Shot blasting is an excellent abrasive technique for industrial applications. It is highly effective and delivers top quality results in surface cleaning and finishing. The operator remains safe and there are fewer risks of accidents and injuries compared to other abrasive techniques. A wide range of equipment and abrasive materials are available for these applications.
Use shot blasting technique and equipment for cleaning, polishing, and even etching requirements. First decide your requirements so you can choose the right equipment, abrasive material and method. It will make your surface cleaning jobs easier and you will get the desired results. Deliver products to your customers with smooth surface finish. The shot blasting media is no longer limited to sand. Glass beads, aluminium oxide and plastic abrasive are also used.